Tom Holland is the President and Owner of T.H.E. Group, Inc., and an author and motivational speaker who has been involved with the automobile industry since 1979.  His first book, "Auto Sales Dynamics" was published by Summit Publishing in 1991.  Since that first book Tom has turned out more than 10 books, dozens of sales and training programs as well as numerous audio and video programs.  The Folder Effect is the result of over a decade of research and writing.

Tom and Tammy met each other in 2006, they were married two years later, almost to the day.  For nearly a decade they have collaborated on The Folder Effect. 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for almost four years, and when he asked me to edit "The Folder Effect", I was happy to do it for him.   But, a funny thing happened to me during the editing process, it actually made me take stock in my life and realize I needed to change a few things about the direction my life has been going.   

Tom truly writes from the heart and from personal experience, without using the cheesy "catch phrases" many authors tend to use while writing motivational books.  

Thank you Tammy and Tom for putting all your love, energy and effort into "The Folder Effect"!" 

                                                           Russell Paulov

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Tammy Holland (Hadaway) is a previous business owner and entrepreneur who made the decision to become the CFO of T.H.E. Group, Inc. and because of her decision became instantly involved in all of the details of Tom's business.  Tammy helped establish Tom's works as some of the best in the industry through her council and great eye for design. Her commitment to The Folder Effect is easily detected in the briefest of conversations.

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The Folder Effect was written with the belief that every person has the ability to change his or her life.


Over the past nine years, Tammy and I have studied learned behaviors.  Every person in the world is conditioned by his or her parents, guardians, culture, teachers, clergy, coaches, etc.   After almost a decade we are now releasing our findings, along with how people can change those behaviors they feel may be holding them back in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Few of us realize the power of habits embedded in our psyche during our most formidable years, those years prior to our social birth at around the age of 5. We are certain those most pressing of behavior patterns can be broken and you can live the life you so richly deserve.  Read The Folder Effect and find for yourself the freedom from the bondage you are held in.   

"There is nothing more powerful than the trained mind."

                                                                     Tom Holland

                                                              The Folder Effect

"The Folder Effect" was a life-changing book for me!  It put me on an emotional roller-coaster from page 1 till the end.  I laughed, cried, got angry, but WOW what a reality check and eye opener "The Folder Effect" had on my life! 

I am blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity to read it!

Now I know "why I am who I am today".  Thank you.

                                                   Angie Holley