"Nothing is inevitable except that which is never challenged"

Tom Holland

The Folder Effect

You have them.  You may not want to admit it, but yes, you've got "folders".  Understanding how they work, why you have them, how to build new ones, how to work with the ones you have as well as how to archive the ones you don't want is all part of "The Folder Effect".   What do the "folders" below mean to you?   What "folders" can you think of that are constantly in your life? 

"Folders" are both good and bad.  Some of your "folders" help you in your day-to-day affairs, others make you happy, successful and prosperous.  But there are other "folders" that harm you by forcing you to relive what others have said about you or about how little value you add.  "Folders" can ruin marriages, eliminate business success and foster bad relationships with almost anyone.  But "folders" can also lift you up, elevate you past your peers and make you a rock-solid individual in any relationship.  To be truly successful or truly happy you need to understand your "folders" and be able to adjust them accordingly.

This small group of "Folders" is only a microcosm of the "Folders" each of us possess.  And within each "folder" you can find sub-folders and sub-folders within those "folders".  Every man woman and child on this planet have millions upon millions of "Folders".