"I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for almost four years, and when he asked me to edit "The Folder Effect", I was happy to do it for him.   But, a funny thing happened to me during the editing process, it actually made me take stock in my life and realize I needed to change a few things about the direction my life has been going.   

Tom truly writes from the heart and from personal experience, without using the cheesy "catch phrases" many authors tend to use while writing motivational books.  

Thank you Tammy and Tom for putting all your love, energy and effort into "The Folder Effect"!" 

Russell Paulov

"The Folder Effect" was a life-changing book for me!  It put me on an emotional roller-coaster from page 1 till the end.  I laughed, cried, got angry, but WOW what a reality check and eye opener "The Folder Effect" had on my life! 

I am blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity to read it!

Now I know "why I am who I am today".  Thank you.

Angie Holley

I have read many self-help books throughout my adult life. Whether they were to enhance personal lifestyle goals, relationships and/or career, I'm certain I remember reading great ideas.  The Folder Effect stood apart from any other self-help book I've ever read in that it spoke directly to the "cause and effect" of why we think and do so many things and then ponder why our life is not speeding ahead in the direction we expected. This book stayed on task from page 1 to page 128 filled with aha's! It was written for all levels of intelligence capturing the opportunity to reach and help all walks of life. This book helped me personally to recognize when and where I am acting on instinct based on how I was trained to behave and think. It helped me define the causes of the results I have experienced and what specifically I can do to get the results I have long waited for. While the entire book is filled with insights, Section 9 (Self Identification) was an eye opener!  Always believing in "Be True to Thine Own Self" and "The Truth Will Set You Free", I was forced to admit to myself after reading the Folder Effect that I was trying to live by statements I never quite understood. Thanks to Tom and Tammy Holland, I not only have a new folder "I" am going to fill, I have set a new path for myself of which results I will not have to settle but command! Bravo to the Hollands for the in depth research and helping me to unfolding the folder findings in a simple to understand approach.  The recipe for change in chapter 21, "Building New Folders" is achievable for all who desire different results than what they have been receiving; including those who "think" their results are good - to great!  I am enriched having read The Folder Effect.  Anyone who picks up this book and thinks it's just another "self-help" book will be amazed and on their way to a more successful being in all aspects of their lives.  My journey has just "re-begun"!

Sandra Ihrig

Round Rock, TX