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"Your Circumstance Won't Change Until You Do."

                                                                  Tom Holland

                                                          The Folder Effect

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Audiences of 5 to 50,000.  There is no group too large or too small when it comes to understanding the dynamics and energy of "The Folder Effect".  Everyone has "folders".  Everyone can write new ones that will dramatically change and better their life.  Contact Tom or Tammy for booking on your next event.

Every successful person failed upward; Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and even Albert Einstein failed until they succeeded.  Failure is the result of action.  Stop being afraid to fail!  If you are willing to act, you are literally willing yourself to succeed.  The child fails to lift his body, until he crawls.  He fails to walk at first but keeps trying.  He fails to run, but one day runs with the wind.  It is the literal act of "failing upward".  "The Folder Effect" helps direct the energies you already possess and guides you to the future you deserve.  Contact Tom or Tammy for your individual or business solutions.  

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Everyone in your company, school, business and social circles have "folders".  The great thing is; the majority of the people you surround yourself with share your "folders".  The bad news is; the majority of people you surround yourself with have conflicting "folders" as it regards any number of issues.  "Folders" can be costing your firm a lot of money and employee satisfaction.  Contact Tom or Tammy today and have your team trained on "folders".  It will create a better workplace!